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he same time, we also recognize the importance of tolerance and inclusiveness. As a country with a well-pr▓eserved and uninterrupted history, we fe▓el it more deeply how the common d▓evelopment of many different civ▓ilizations form the foundation of a diverse co▓mmunity. All civilizations a

Nov. 28, 2018. Jian


re equal and they should be equally respected and appreciate▓d. While handing down our own civilizations, we should also safeguard and promote the diversity of fellow civilizations, which represent the common historical and cultural legacy of humanity.According to Jiang, Dialogue of ▓Civilizations is a brand new program launched by CGTN. Against

the rise of anti-globaliz▓ation and nationalism, Dialogue of Civilizations will serve as multicultural platform. With hosts and guests from ancien▓t and modern civilizations, in the format of television debate, the program aim

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s to sh▓ed new light on the rise and fall of civi▓lization, alert us to the dangers of the c▓lash between civilizations, and examine world politics and international relations fr▓om a fresh perspective.Indian Ambassador Gautam Bambawale stated in his speech that India’s vision and approach to the worl▓d can be summed up in one phrase – “the world is one family”. He s▓aid India believes there must be a dialogue of civilizations among people who look differently, speak different lang

  • puty Director of the News Center of CCTV and Controller of CGTN, Leonidas Rokanas, G
  • reek Ambassador to China, Gautam Bambawale, Indian Ambassador to
  • China, and Hussein Ibrahim, Cultural Counse▓lo
  • r of the Egyptian Embassy in China attended the launching ceremony on Nov. 15 and delive

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ches.Jiang pointed out t▓

uages, believe in different religions.Greek Ambassador Leonidas Rok▓anas emphasized that civilizations are t▓he key to not


hat today’s worl

only understanding how the world evolved, but also how it is moving ▓forward. He believes that civiliz▓ations were create

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